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NJC Code of Conduct

Companies are going through tougher, more severe situations in modern society. Therefore, every corporate activity and employee, including directors who support those activities and their daily activities, must comply with relevant laws and regulations, society's norms, justice, and be more ethical and moral-oriented.

Under such circumstances, New Japan Chemical (NJC) established a compliance (CP) code of conduct, Compliance Committee, and a variety of internal regulations and committees under the NJC Corporate Philosophy as shown in the figure below. Spearheading this system, the Compliance Committee sets annual policies and goals that the business units are recommended to pursue, for the purpose of encouraging employees to comply with NJC's compliance code and put it into practice. The employees belonging to respective business units are taught well to perform the Plan/Do/Check/Action (PDCA) cycle pursuant the said policies and goals so that New Japan Chemical as a whole can gain a deeper understanding and trust from society, take on our corporate social responsibilities, and also commit to further development and growth.

[Compliance system]


Human Resources & General Affairs serves as the secretariat for the Compliance Committee.

Business unit heads serve as the persons in charge of CP, following the instructions and orders of the Compliance Committee executives and giving instructions and advice for their respective business units they lead.

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