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Corporate Philosophy/Action Policy

Corporate Philosophy
The New Japan Cemical(NJC) Group contributes to social development as a whole through innovate offerings.
•Satisfies customer needs by our commitment to innovation and the stable supply of good quality products.
•Strives to apply the latest chemical technologies to our products, for which development procedures should be as environment-conscious as possible.
•Creates safe and spirited workplaces that our employees deserve.
•Strives for open and transparent management to obtain a better understanding from and the trust of stakeholders.

Action Policy

•We take customer satisfaction into account in conducting business activities.
•We think positive and are responsible for what we do.
•We are independent and self-disciplined to pursue higher goals.
•We streamline the workflow with ingenuity and share the results among people we work with.
•We comply with laws and regulations and also behave reasonably with common sense.

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