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Environmental Conservation

Environmental impact by business activities at our four plants (FY2013)

Energy consumption converted to crude oil

Preventing environment-affecting accidents

Accidents affecting the environment are serious concerns for local communities. Every small incident that can possibly cause problems is disclosed via a top-down management system, and corrective and preventive measures for the problems are taken according to a PDCA cycle. As a result, only three such small incidents occurred in FY 2013.

FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013
9 cases 17 cases 3 cases

3. Environmental Efforts by our Plants and the Research Laboratory

Kyoto Plant

1 Processes are being improved and facilities are being upgraded to reduce the amount of waste solvent, which has substantial environmental impact. Cooling water facilities (cooling towers) were upgraded in 2014 to improve solvent recovery efficiency.
2 When the new installation of pumps, equipment, lighting equipment, etc., is planned, those with energy saver specification, and with consideration for global warming will be introduced. Industrial waste from the facility is processed as recycled material (fuel etc.) by the special waste management contractors with very few exceptions.

Research Laboratory

1 Our research themes cover the advancement of energy savings and the reduction of waste aiming at simplification of manufacturing processes and enhancement of reaction yield based on process improvement. As a result three projects had been implemented in FY 2011 through FY 2013.
2 ISO 14001 environmental improvement activities are ongoing, and in FY 2013, energy consumption was reduced by 1% (compared to FY 2012).

Tokushima Plant

1 Steam boilers were upgraded and the fuel was switched from heavy oil to LNG in the first half of 2011. As a result, NOx and SOx emissions were cut substantially. In the second half of 2014, air compressors used with instrumentation were upgraded, reducing electricity consumption from 132 kW to 90 kW.
2 Replacement of the lighting for the main roadway into the plant site from mercury lamps to low electricity consumption LED lamps was planned, and two units were replaced in September 2009 for verification of the effect in advance.

Kawasaki Plant

1 In this plant, acid anhydrides (RIKACID) and plasticizers (SANSOCIZER) are produced and the generation of waste is very small. (Waste generated/Output = 1% approx. FY 2013 result) The 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) activities are advanced by appointing waste management contractors who employ thermal recycling systems etc.
2 The plant is located in the petrochemical complex of Ukishima, Kawasaki City, where diversified manufacturing businesses in addition to petroleum and chemical facilities operate. Those businesses form the Ukishima Joint Disaster Prevention Board and, in case of emergency, regularly conduct joint drills for in-house fire-fighting teams from the facilities and the Disaster Prevention Board. New Type 3 stationary fire extinguishing equipment was installed in December 2013.

Sakai Plant

1 Generation of waste at this plant is very small. (Waste generated/Output = 1% approx. FY 2013 result) Almost all the industrial waste is recycled (as fuel, soil improver, etc.) by special waste management contractors.
2 New steam boilers were installed in the first half of 2014.

Photo: Water cooling tower at the Kyoto Plant

Water cooling tower at the Kyoto Plant


photo: Steam boiler (LNG operated) at the Sakai Plant

Steam boiler (LNG operated) at the Sakai Plant


photo: Air compressors for instrumentation at the Tokushima Plant

Air compressors for instrumentation at the Tokushima Plant


photo: Stationary fire extinguishing equipment at the Kawasaki Plan

Stationary fire extinguishing equipment at the Kawasaki Plan

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