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Environmental Declaration

Our Mission

We at New Japan Chemical recognize that protecting the global environment is one of critical concerns common among all humankind and, as a corporation engaged in chemicals production and sales, strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

Environmental Policy

We at New Japan Chemical are engaged in the research, development and production of chemicals, and, therefore, conduct environmental management activities to reduce the environmental impact of the products we make. We are concerned about preventing resources from depletion and, therefore, procure recyclable ingredients as much as we can, and promote activities to reduce environmental impact.

1. Legal compliance and pollution prevention

We comply with environment-related laws, regulations, and any other relevant requirements to prevent pollution and protect the local environment.

2. Activities to reduce environmental impact

We identify the pollution status caused by our business activities and make continuous improvements to environmental management and take preventive measures as follows.

1 We purchase eco-friendly materials and supplies, design, develop, manufacture, and market our products taking environmental conservation into account.
2 We make better efforts to identify and control toxic chemicals, and reduce waste.
3 We promote eco-friendly research and development activities as well as waste management.

3. Education and awareness promotion

To pursue this policy, we set forth environmental objectives and goals, and made them known to all our employees through environmental education programs so as to independently put preventive measures into practice. This policy is disclosed to all stakeholders even outside the company.

Mantaro Fujimoto
New Japan Chemical Co., Ltd.

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