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Safety and Health Care Management

Basic policy for occupational safety and health management

(1) Safe operation are fundamental for corporate activities. Preventive measures are taken under the motto "occupational hazards can always be prevented."
(2) We at New Japan Chemical are engaged in and more focused on safety and heath care activities in working with local communities in order to protect the employees' lives and health.
(3)A corporate culture of caring about the employees' mental and physical health has been established.

1. Risk assessment

Risk assessment addresses small incidents, problems, potential risks and hazardous factors, human error, and other such factors at plants and a research laboratory using pre-determined procedures.

2. Safety inspections

New Japan Chemical undertakes business under our corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of society through innovative offerings, by striving to undertake the challenges of manufacturing under the slogan "The Challenge of Manufacturing." We have introduced a verification system (Safety Review Committee) whereby internal experts with experience in research and development, production, and facility design determine whether safety and healthcare requirements are met in the critical steps to the introduction of new chemicals, new facilities, and new technologies.

3. Communications

Headquarters level and branch level safety and heath committees meet regularly to positively support promotion of field level management based on the concept that safety and health are the core of the sound operation of our businesses. The establishment and promotional activities of safety and health are pursued by encouraging kaizen proposals from everyone and through awards and announcements of excellent proposals during National Safety Week and National Industrial Health Week.

44. Health care

New Japan Chemical endeavors to promote the physical and mental health of its employees through physical examinations under the Industrial Safety and Health Act and through coordination with industrial physicians, contracted physicians, and industrial counselors.
To prevent the detrimental effects on health of mental stress in the workplace and overwork, we provide counseling support and mental health training to all employees and implement other programs.

5. Emergencies

In the event of a natural disaster, explosion, fire, spillage, industrial accident, etc., New Japan Chemical, according to the predetermined procedure, will promptly notify the relevant authorities and organizations and implement the necessary steps. Emergency drills are regularly conducted according to a presumed scenario at each site to ensure the taking of appropriate actions in the case of an emergency.

Firefighting drill at the Tokushima Plant

Firefighting drill at the Tokushima Plant


Firefighting drill at the Kawasaki Plant

Firefighting drill at the Kawasaki Plant

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