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Oleo-chemicals/Integrated Production Systems for Raw Materials and Derivatives

New Japan Chemical, a comprehensive oleo-chemical producer, manufactures a variety of high functional materials from natural animal and vegetable oils with the application of high-pressure reduction and selective hydrogenation technologies. Extensive product lines range from industrial materials to personal care products.

Our signature integrated production systems from raw materials enables us to satisfy diverse customers' needs. The flexible system meets global quality requirements so as to help improve the quality of end-user products.


Hardened oil Fatty acid Glycerin Fatty acid methyl ester Fatty acid ester (NJLUB) Fatty acid liquid soap (ALFOAM) Amidopropyl betaine (RIKABION) Non-ionic surfactant (CONION) Fatty alcohols (CONOL) Guerbet alcohols (NJCOL) Alkyl ethoxylate (SINOLIN) Alkyl ethoxylate (CONION) Alkyl ether sulfate (SINOLIN) Alkyl ether carboxylate (NJCOAP) Sulfosuccinate (RIKAMILD) Alkyl dimethylamine (WONDAMINE) Alkyl betaine (RIKABION) Amine oxide (WONDAMINE) Unsaturated alcohol (UNJECOL. RIKACOL) Oleyl ethoxylate (RIKANON) Hydrogenated lanolin (RIKALANOL) Dialkyl sulfosuccinate (RIKASURF)


Oleo Chmicals Division   Tokyo Tel. +81-(0)3-5540-8102
Osaka Tel. +81-(0)6-6203-3961

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Performance Chemicals Division   Tokyo Tel. +81-(0)3-5540-8105
Osaka Tel. +81-(0)6-6203-3963

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