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Fatty Vegetable Acids

These assorted fatty acids are derived from vegetable oils and used in soaps, oils, metal salts and materials for organic synthesis according to the physical properties of the fatty acid.

Product name Constitutional formula  TDS  Appearance Alkyl composition(%) Melting Point (℃) Packing
STEARIC ACID C1870 - - White, flakes C16: 25-30
C18: 67-73
57-62 Papar bag(20kg)
COCONUT FATTY ACID DC - - White, solid - 23-27 Bulk, Drum(180kg), Can(16kg)
COCONUT FATTY ACID DH - - White, solid - 24-29 Bulk, Drum(180kg), Can(16kg)
CAPRYLIC ACID - - Pale yelllow, liquid C8: ≥98 15-17 Drum(180kg), Can(15kg)
CAPRIC ACID - - White, solid C10: ≥98 29-32 Drum(180kg), Can(15kg)
LAURIC ACID P - - White, beads C12: ≥98 41-45 FC(250kg)
Papar bag(20kg)
MIRISTIC ACID - - White, beads C14: ≥95 50-55 FC(400kg)
Papar bag(20kg)
PALMITIC ACID P - - White, beads C16: ≥95 59-63 Papar bag(20kg)

Fatty Animal Acids

Stearic acid is widely used in products such as metallic soaps, oils, greases, abrasives, and rubber compounds. STEARIC ACID 2000 is characterized for its high purity and product stability. OLEIC ACID D-100, which is refined oleic acids by distillation, is used extensively in surfactants, metalworking fluids, and synthetic materials as well as in the textile industry.

Product name Constitutional formula  TDS  Appearance Alkyl composition(%) Melting point( ℃) Packing
OLEIC ACID D-100 - - Yellow, liquid - ≤9 Drum(180kg), Can(15kg)

Fatty Acid Ester

Our NJLUB series consists of various fatty acids and alcohol esters that serve as excellent agents for treating fibers and oils for metal working. They are widely used as lubricating oils and lubricants for numerous plastics.

Product name Constitutional formula  TDS  Compositions Appearance Packing
NJLUB OP - - Octyl palmitate Clorless-Pale yellow, liquid Drum(170kg), Can(15kg)