Quality Assurance Initiatives
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Quality policy

We have one slogan and three quality policies.

"Quality is the Lifeline of New Japan Chemical"

1 . Strive to earn the trust of our customers by internally communicating their increasingly diverse needs.

2 . Eliminating and preventing issues with practicing Risk Prediction Activities of Quality.

3 . Promoting continuous improvement with principle of the worksite, the actual product, and the real situation

We respond to the trust of our customers by continuing to supply products of reliable and stable quality and doind our utmost to meet diverse needs.
In addition, We also incorporates Risk Prediction Activities into Quality Assurance Initiatives .
Through Risk Prediction Activities, we strive to ensure stable quality by identifying the "causes" that lead to nonconformance (claims, rejections) from each operation, process, etc.

※Risk Prediction Activities : to anticipate and identify potential hazards in operations.

For supply products of reliable and stable quality

In 1996, we obtained ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system. The PDCA cycle of the quality management system, which is linked to the work plans of each department, promotes the maintenance and improvement of quality.
In addition, we aim to further improve quality by thoroughly implementing the following initiatives in our daily operations.

1 . Promote the 5S method (Sort - Set In order - Shine - Standardize - Sustain) that go beyond mere cleanup and lead to increased operational efficiency.

2 . Correction and prevention of recurrence of past nonconformance (complaints and rejections).

3 . Ensure operation of "mechanisms" such as change management, audits, education and training, etc.

Quality management organization

Quality management system

Chemical Safety Initiatives

1 . Chemical Regulation Compliance

A new set of chemical regulations (REACH) was enacted in the European Union in 2007.
From June 2018, only chemicals registered under REACH can be brought into the European Economic Area.
To support our customers in developing products for the global market, we have registered and complied with REACH's requirements, centering on our most internationally competitive product lines.

2 . Safety Data Sheets and Product Labeling

To ensure the safe usage of our products, we have issued SDSs (Safety Data Sheets) and product labels that comply with international standards (GHS) for all our products in Japan.