Health and Safety Initiatives
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We have established an occupational health and safety management system
to ensure employee safety and improve productivity and are actively
engaged in maintaining social credibility and trust.

Basic Policy for Occupational Safety and Health

  • ① Development of human resources responsible for ensuring safe operations.
  • ② Elimination of all safety issues through compliance with company rules.
  • ③ Creating a healthy working environment together to keep everyone sound in body and mind.

Health and Safety Practices

1. Communication

Safety and health stand at the center of our corporate activities. We stay actively engaged by holding regular Health and Safety Committee meetings at our HQ and branch offices in order to better support the promotion of management through our production lines.
We also seek proposals from all employees for improving company processes and operations during National Safety Week and Occupational Health Week. On these occasions, we actively work towards ensuring safety and health, while cultivating employee awareness, and offer awards and presentations on noteworthy topics selected by a panel of judges.

2. Safety Inspections

Our company has a safety inspection committee composed of in-house experts with backgrounds in R&D, production and facility design. This committee carries out safety inspections at various important stages during the introduction of new substances, facilities and technologies in order to prevent accidents and disasters before they occur.

3. Risk Assessment

Risk assessment addresses an assortment of issues related to minor incidents, operational problems, latent risks, hazardous factors and human error.

4. Risk Assessment of Chemical Substances

We identify the hazards and dangers of chemical substances and their corresponding formulations. We then estimate the potential health hazards and degree of danger they carry and implement measures to reduce their risk and control exposure.

5. Health Care

New Japan Chemical endeavors to promote the physical and mental health of its employees through physical examinations under the Industrial Safety and Health Act and through coordination with industrial physicians, contracted physicians, and industrial counselors.
To prevent the detrimental effects of health caused by mental stress in the workplace and overwork, we provide counseling support and mental health training to all employees and implement other programs.

6. Dealing with Emergencies

In the event of a natural disaster, explosion, fire, leakage, industrial accident or other emergency, New Japan Chemical promptly notifies the relevant authorities and organizations and carries out any necessary measures according to a set of predetermined procedures. We also regularly conduct emergency drills based on a range of possible scenarios at each of our offices to ensure the appropriate actions are taken in the event of an emergency.

  • Fire safety drill at the Kyoto Plant

    Fire safety drill at the Kyoto Plant

  • Fire safety drill at the Sakai Plant

    Fire safety drill at the Sakai Plant