Under the management philosophy of Contributing to the Development of Society through Product Creation, we recognize that compliance is one of the most important management issues a company faces in upholding the expectations and trust of society. Accordingly, we have formulated a code of conduct called NJC Compliance, which serves as the touchstone for our executives and employees alike. In conjunction with our management philosophy and various internal rules, we have also established a compliance-focused management system and a Compliance Committee that is overseen by our president. This committee works to ensure the effectiveness of our various initiatives by continuously evaluating our compliance system and finding ways to improve it.

Compliance at New Japan Chemical

1.Promoting sound corporate activities.

①We are ever-aware of our corporate identity and work to achieve our company's sustainable growth and development.
②We comply with laws, regulations and social norms based on a set of high ethical and moral values and conduct fair and appropriate corporate activities.

2.Consideration for the global environment.

①We research and develop our products with a focus on environmental conservation.
②We work to prevent pollution and to promote energy efficiency and recycling.

3.Respect for basic human rights.

①We respect and uphold basic human rights and work to eliminate all discrimination based on nationality, gender, beliefs and disabilities.
②We work to eliminate all inhumane practices such as harassment, child labor, forced labor and unfair low-wage labor.

4.Ensuring a comfortable work environment.

①To enable our employees' self-actualization through work, we guarantee proper placement and equal opportunities for all.
②We impartially evaluate employee abilities and results and provide fair treatment.
③We promote the creation of a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.
④We promote the appropriate measures and practices required for our employees to maintain and improve their mental and physical health.

5.Contributing to society and fostering mutual understanding.

①We take a community-centered approach to our social contribution efforts.
② We respect global cultures and customs when developing our business overseas.

6.Fair business practices.

①We conduct fair and honest business practices and comply with competition and antitrust laws, including the Subcontract Act.
②We strictly comply with all relevant domestic and international laws, regulations and trade controls when importing and exporting products.
③We work to prevent all forms of corruption, including bribery.
④We maintain no relationships, nor conduct any business, with criminal groups and individuals.

7.Use and Management of Information.

①We do not engage in insider trading, or any acts that may encourage the same, in relation to the buying and selling of our company or other companies' stocks.
②We thoroughly manage and protect confidential information (including personal information) handled during the course of business and prevent leakage of this information.
③We make sure to disclose corporate information to our stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner.

8.Handling of intellectual property rights

We ensure proper protection and usage for intellectual properties and respectfully and appropriately manage those of third parties so as to prevent infringement.

Compliance Committee Organizational Chart


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