CSR of New Japan Chemical

We believe that creating social values through our business brings our management philosophy into fruition, and we aim to realize a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the New Japan Chemical Group.

ESG Executive Director Message

Connecting a more affluent and healthy society to the future.

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Head of the ESG secretariat

We believe that CSR is about realizing a sustainable society through our business activities in order to create a more affluent and healthy society for the future.
In an era of drastic and rapid changes, we recognize the importance of ESG practices as CSR and how they can promote our company's resilience and growth. Now, we are enhancing our ESG activities under the concept of our Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2021 – FY2025), which is to "become a value-creating company by boldly taking on challenging to provide solutions to issues related to the environment, society, and people (life)".

In FY2021, the first year of the Plan, we established a CSR Committee, and this Committee has set CSR Materiality. In FY2022, we fully implemented our CSR materiality initiatives, with particular emphasis on initiatives related to the environment and human resources. We’ve been promoting efforts to improve fuel efficiency in our manufacturing processes and to increase procurement of renewable energy. In the area of R&D, we have been working to expand our lineups and develop demand for non-petrochemical product groups, including research on the replacement of petrochemical-derived raw materials by biomass raw materials. In the area of human resources, we have been promoting measures, such as the introduction of a new personnel evaluation system that highly evaluates those who boldly take on difficult challenges, as well as establishment of training and education system that provides generous support for those who are willing to learn. In FY2023, we will further strengthen and accelerate these measures, promote diversity and inclusion, expand collaboration with local communities, and strengthen corporate governance.

To create a better future, we will promote sustainability initiatives through CSR based on our philosophy of “extensively contribute to the development of society through our product creation”.

CSR policy

The New Japan Chemical Group has established a CSR policy that expresses its stance on corporate activities and a code of conduct to put the policy into practice.

1.Solving social issues We aim for sustainable company growth by contributing to solving social issues through our business.
2.Responsibility for the environment We take responsibility for the impact of our business activities on the environment and carry out business activities in harmony with the global environment.
3.Responsibility for safety We place safety as our top priority in business operations. We provide safety and security in our workplace and communities.
4.Respect for human rights We respect basic human rights and eliminate any inhumane practices such as discrimination, unfair labor and harassment.
5.Responsibility for corporate governance We strive for sound and highly transparent management, deepening the understanding and trust of all stakeholders.
6.Responsibility for employees We support the self-actualization of employees and create a safe and rewarding workplace.

CSR Promotion System

The New Japan Chemical Group has established a CSR Committee chaired by the President and Representative Director. The committee is consisted of All general managers and the presidents of domestic consolidated subsidiaries in order to promote CSR across the entire company, and deliberates and discusses CSR initiatives.

Main duties of the committee

  • Formulation of CSR policy and CSR year goals
  • Promotion of ESG activities
  • Education and awareness activities related to CSR
CSR Committee Organization Chart