New Japan Chemical, a comprehensive oleo-chemical producer, manufactures a variety of high functional materials from natural animal and vegetable oils with the application of high-pressure reduction and selective hydrogenation technologies. Our extensive product lines range from industrial materials to personal care products.
With a signature integrated production system starting from the raw materials themselves, we are able to satisfy a diverse array of customers' needs. Our flexible systems meet global quality requirements so as to help improve the quality of end-user products.
In addition, in order to promote sustainable procurement of palm oil and palm kernel oil, one of our raw materials, we have joined RSPO, obtained Supply Chain Certification System (SCCS), and procured certified oil, contributing to the production of certified sustainable palm oil. New Japan Chemical Group will continue to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil and promote activities that are in harmony with the environmental impact.


Plasticizers are easy-to-process additives that soften plastic, mostly polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC with added plasticizers is known as flexible PVC. It is used for floorings, wallpapers, building materials, wire and cable coatings and more. Its wide-range applications support our daily lives.

Most plasticizers are esters produced by the esterification reaction of acids or acid anhydrides with alcohols. There are many kinds of plasticizers, but most are broadly categorized into Phthalate Plasticizers, which are based on phthalic acid, and Non-phthalate Plasticizers, which use different types of acids (e.g. trimellitic acid, cyclohexenedicarboxylic acid, adipic acid, etc.) and are not based on phthalic acid. We also provide specialty plasticizers, such as antistatic or flame-retardant types.

In cooperation with the Western and Asian plasticizer industries, the Japan Plasticizer Industry Association has carried out scientific research and surveys to prove the safety of phthalate esters. For more information on their activities, please check the association's official website.

Plastic & Coating Materials

We offer a variety of monomers, acid anhydrides for epoxy resin curing agents, and synthetic resin materials, all of which play an indispensable role in numerous product fields from paints, coatings, and inks to adhesives, electronics, and more. In particular, acid anhydride epoxy resin curing agents, which are used to impart transparency, are now widely used throughout the electronics industry.

We are also developing nucleating agents that dramatically enhance the stiffness, transparency, and dimensional stability of plastic materials.


When it comes to lubricants, mineral oils are most commonly used; however, in some fields or applications, these oils are not always able to fulfill the performance requirements. Our NJLUB products are either high-performance lubricants or their additives and are made through our esterification technologies and advanced skill in molecular design. This series is recognized for delivering performance that standard mineral oils cannot. It is used in various everyday scenes, including as additives for gear and engine oils in automobiles and as lubricant base oils for industrial equipment and precision instruments. We are also developing new and innovative oils with unique performance features such as traction oils that utilize our hydrogenation technology.

Commissioned Hydrogenation Business