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From antistatic plasticizers used to impart polymers with antistatic properties to flame retardant plasticizers for delivering resistance to fire and reactive plasticizers with a vinyl group on their terminals, we offer an extensive range of specialty plasticizers to meet our clients’ needs.

Antistatic Plasticizers

Antistatic plasticizers provide polymers such as PVC with antistatic properties.
SANSO CIZER C-1000 and C-1100 are antistatic plasticizers developed for flexible PVC, urethane and nitrile rubber.
They are perfect for products requiring an antistatic function such as flooring, partition curtains and footwear.
SANSO CIZER C-1000 (Di-2-butoxyethyl phthalate) carries an ether linkage in its molecule that gives it exceptional compatibility with most resins and synthetic rubbers, while allowing it to provide antistatic properties.
SANSO SIZER C-1100 is a antistatic plasticizer equipped with the improved antistatic properties of SANSO CIZER C-1000 (Di-2-butoxyethyl phthalate).

Product name Constitutional formula  TDS  Chemical name Applications
Bis(2-butoxyethyl) phthalate Antistatic plasticizer, Antistatic product
SANSO CIZER C-1100 - Major Ingredient : Phthalic acid ester Antistatic plasticizer, Antistatic product

Flame-retardant Plasticizers

Flame-retardant plasticizers provide fire resistance to polymers such as PVC. A representative example is organophosphate.
SANSO CIZER TCP (Tricresyl phosphate) is an organophosphate with excellent flame and weather resistance as well as electric insulation properties. It is used widely in plasticizers, flame retardants, lubricants, and gasoline additives.

Product name Constitutional formula  TDS  Chemical name Applications
Tritolyl phtosphate Flame retardant, Plasticizer

Reactive Plasticizers

RIKAVINYTHER (vinyl ether) provides various properties, including plasticity and water resistance, when copolymerized with monomers such as vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, vinyl alcohol, acrylic (metacrylic) acid or their esters, acrylonitrile, and fluorinated olefin. It is used in adhesives, paints and lubricants.
RIKAVINYTHER C is a high-quality alkyl vinyl ether composed of compounds such as lauryl vinyl ether and myristyl vinyl ether. RIKAVINYTHER S60 is a mixture composed of compounds such as cetyl vinyl ether and stearyl vinyl ether.

Product name Constitutional formula  TDS  Chemical name Applications
Alkyl(C8-18) vinyl ether Comonomer
Alkyl(C16-18) vinyl ether Comonomer

Other Plasticizers

SANSO CIZER N-400 is a plasticizer which, due to the hydroxy group contained in its molecule, offers superior compatibility with highly polar polymers such as polyamides.

Product name Constitutional formula  TDS  Chemical name Applications
Phthalic acid, 2-ethylhexyl 2-hydroxyethyl ester plasticizer for polyamide