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Low-viscosity Lubricants

In achieving an environmentally friendly, energy-saving society, lowering the viscosity of lubricants is a matter of increasing importance. Our low-viscosity lubricants can be customized according to the client's requirements to provide additional value and match their specialized applications

Product name Constitutional formula  TDS  Applications Pour point(℃) Flash point(℃) Kinetic viscosity(mm²/s 40℃) Kinetic viscosity(mm²/s 100℃) Packing
NJLUB ILO-10 - Low-viscosity lubricants Approx. -32 Approx. 188 Approx. 5 Approx. 1.8 Can(17kg)
NJLUB KTR-90 - Low-viscosity lubricants Approx. -60 Approx. 136 Approx. 2.7 Approx. 1.1 Can(17kg)