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Kyoto R&D Center is a new R&D base opened in May 2021. Taking advantage of the strengths of "Keihanna Science City" which has many research institutes, universities, and cultural facilities, we will continue to create products that create new value in society.

“Open”, “Fusion” and “Challenge” bases

The Kyoto R&D Center has three concepts: “Openness”, “Fusion”, and “Challenge”. We aim to create innovation by opening our technology to the outside world, deepening exchanges with various business partners, and integrating it with outside knowledge. In addition, the facility's bright and open space encourages research cooperation across departments and the fusion of ideas and values. Based on "Openness" and "Fusion", we proactively challenge issues related to the environment, society, and people's lives, providing value to various scenes of society.

Features of Kyoto R&D Center

・ We have a joint laboratory that can be used for technical exchanges with other companies and experimental classrooms for the general public.
・ We have various molding processing equipment and physical property evaluation equipment. We can make proposals to our customers according to their applications.
・The strong cooperation between R&D, production technology, manufacturing, and quality control departments enables a smooth transition from flask work to actual plant production.
・We have set up a visitor passage to guide customers, so they can view the state of our pilot experiment up close.
・It is designed to activate communication; a large laboratory with no partitions, a free address office space, and a magnet area (an area with a mechanism to attract people) as a place for interaction between researchers and other departments. It has a bright and open atmosphere.

Manufacturing of New Japan Chemical


We are proud of our accurate molecular design technology that produces the materials that the world demands, and a number of advanced manufacturing technologies such as high-pressure hydrogenation. At the Kyoto R&D Center, we will continue to contribute to the development of society by promoting the creation of new products that combine our strengths with external knowledge and technologies.

Kyoto R&D Center Information

Address 1-5-4 Hikaridai Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0237
Tel +81-774-98-3111
Access Train & Bus: Kintetsu "Shin-Housono" Station / JR "Housono" Station or Kintetsu "Gakken Nara Tomigaoka" Station Transfer to the bus after getting off get off at Nara Kotsu "ATR" 5 minutes walk
Automobile: Approximately 5 minutes west of "Seika Gakken IC" on the Keinawa Expressway