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Palm oil and palm kernel oil are extracted from the fruit and kernel of palm trees, and they are the most widely used vegetable oils in the world. Palm oil is used for a wide range of products such as food, cosmetics, detergents, and fuel, and its demand is increasing year by year due to its versatility and population growth. As a result, the rapid expansion of plantations, especially in Southeast Asia where the oil is mainly produced, is causing environmental and social problems such as deforestation. New Japan Chemical Co. Ltd. sell fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and surfactants derived from palm oil and palm kernel oil, and in order to reduce the environmental impact of these products and to procure sustainable raw materials, we have joined the RSPO and obtained Supply Chain Certification System (SCCS).

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RSPO(Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

RSPO, officially known as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, is a non-profit organization established in 2004 by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and other related organizations. RSPO involves seven sectors of the palm oil industry: palm oil production, oil extraction and trading, consumer products manufacturing, retail, banking and investment companies, environmental NGOs, and social NGOs. The objective of RSPO is to promote sustainable palm oil production and utilization.

RSPO will transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm

◇ Advance the production, procurement, finance and use of sustainable palm oil products
◇ Develop, implement, verify, assure and periodically review credible global standards for the entire supply chain of sustainable palm oil
◇ Monitor and evaluate the economic, environmental and social impacts of the uptake of sustainable palm oil in the market
◇ Engage and commit all stakeholders throughout the supply chain, including governments and consumers

RSPO Certifications

RSPO has established two certification systems for production and distribution to promote sustainable palm oil production and use. The first is certification at the production stage (Principles and Criteria Certification System, P&C). This is a certification system for farms and oil mills that certifies whether they meet the "Principle & Criteria" set by RSPO in the process of palm production. The other certification is for companies in the supply chain (Supply Chain Certification System, SCCS). This is a certification system for companies in the manufacturing, processing, and distribution processes, and certifies that the requirements of the RSPO are met in each process where products made with certified oil are handled.


Our commitment to RSPO

We see it as our responsibility as a company in the palm oil supply chain to contribute to the sustainable production of palm oil. For this reason, we became Ordinary Member of RSPO in July 2015 and have been SCCS certified (Mass Balance) since 2018. Currently, our Kyoto and Tokushima plants, as well as our group company Nissin Chemical Co., Ltd. manufacture certified products and have a system in place to provide them to our customers. We are planning to further expand the lineup of SCCS certified products in the future. Through RSPO, we will contribute to environmental protection related to palm oil and meet the demands of users who require certified products.

History of our commitment to RSPO

July 2015: Joined RSPO (Ordinary Member).

August 2018: Tokushima Factory products obtained SCCS certification (Mass Balance).

January 2019: Started sales of SCCS certified products (Mass Balance).

August 2019: Nissin Rika Co., Ltd. products obtained SCCS certification (Mass Balance).

August 2020: Kyoto Plant obtained SCCS certification (Mass Balance).

August 2020: Albess Co., Ltd. obtained distributor license.

June 2021: Iwatani Rika Co., Ltd. to obtain SCCS certification (Mass Balance).

RSPO Certified Products Supply Chain

We have a supply chain for RSPO-certified products, from raw material procurement to finished products.

RSPO Certified Products Supply Chain


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