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New Japan Chemical

Outline of our Company

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to the development of society through our creations.


Be the best SPICE!

Since the beginning of our Company, we have continued to develop chemical materials that benefit society.
And right now, we are working to create materials with unique originality in order to achieve the Vision 2030.

Net Sales

32,863million yen

*FY 2023



*As of March 31, 2024



Began selling oxygen produced through water electrolysis


Added hydrogen to fish oil to produce hardened oil (the origin of our hydrogenation technologies)


・Hydrogenated palm/coconut oil to produce higher alcohols

・Began the plasticizer business


・Developed the nucleating agent that improves the transparency of polyolefins

・Began the specialty chemicals business


Developed vegetable-derived unsaturated alcohols


Developed lubricants for HDD motor applications


We will continue to pursue creations that benefit society for the next 100 years.



We provide raw materials for toiletries and detergents for industrial use to contribute to a clean and healthy life.

Main Products

alcohols / fatty acids & esters / surfactants

Field of Application

toiletries / cosmetics


We provide plasticizers to soften plastics, including PVC. These products are used in homes or buildings.

Main Products

heat-resistant plasticizers / radiation-resistant plasticizers

Field of Application

building materials (floorings, wallpapers) / wire & cable coatings

Resin Raw Materials

We provide epoxy resin curing agents and resin raw materials. These products are used in various applications including electronics.

Main Products

epoxy resin curing agents / polyester raw materials

Field of Application

LED sealings / painting- materials / electronic insulating materials

Specialty Chemicals

We provide nucleating agents that improve the transparency of plastics and high-performance lubricants to support the growth of life and industry.

Main Products

nucleating agents / lubricants / polyimide

Field of Application

everyday sundries / medical equipment / lubricants for HDD

Research & Development

We have continued to create materials with unique originality through our precise molecular design technologies,
which produce the materials that society needs, and our advanced production methods, such as high-pressure hydrogenation.

Resin Modifier

We provide materials that enhance the value of plastics, such as nucleating agents that raise the quality and productivity of polyolefins.


We provide the high-heat-resistant polyimide required in the 5G and 6G eras, as well as optical materials for VR and AR that produce high-definition images. We will support the information and communications technologies of the future.


We develop bio-based products such as 100% vegetable-derived ester oils and bio-based plasticizers with the oleo-chemical technologies we have cultivated over the years. We are working to create materials that solve environmental challenges.

Here and There! New Japan Chemical

Our products are used in many different places, such as homes, streets, and workplaces.


We create social values through our business to achieve our corporate philosophy.
Our goal is to realize both the sustainable growth of society and the New Japan Chemical Group.

<New Japan Chemical Group CSR Policy>

Solving Challenges of Society

We aim for our Group's sustainable growth by solving challenges of society through our business.

Responsibility for Environment

We take responsibility for the impacts of our business activities on the environment and conduct operations in harmony with the global environment.

Responsibility for Safety

We place safety as our top priority in business operations. We provide safety and security in our workplace and local communities.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect basic human rights and eliminate any inhumane practices such as discrimination, unfair labor practices, and harassment.

Corporate Governance

We strive for sound and highly transparent management, deepening the understanding and trust of all stakeholders.

Responsibility for Employees

We support the self-realization of employees and ensure a safe and fulfilling workplace.


Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2021~2025)

We have established a Five-Year Mid-Term Management Plan to achieve the Vision 2030 “Be the best SPICE!”
We are implementing this plan with the keywords “All member participation,” “Speed,” and “GRIT.”


  • We boldly take on environmental, social, and human-related challenges and aim to become a value-creating company.

  • Our management resources are focused on the following areas: information & communication, mobility, life science, and the environment.

<Target for FY 2025>

Net Sales

34billion yen

Operating Profit

0.8billion yen


More than 6.0%

We revised the Target for FY2025 on June 6, 2024.

<Business Strategy>

Rebuilding of Earning Power

  • scraps & builds our existing businesses and optimizes our business portfolio

  • shifts to high-value products

  • thoroughly reduces costs

  • increases the ratio of overseas sales

Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Innovation

  • promotes open innovation based at the Kyoto R&D Center.

  • drives Digital Transformation to improve productivity and create new markets

Promoting CSR Management

  • strengthens our CSR system and solves challenges of society through our business

  • expands businesses that use natural materials and clean energy

Reorganization and Strengthening Human Resource Development

  • accelerates decision-making through organizational simplification and the use of project teams

  • promotes diversity & inclusion

  • establishes a company where everyone is rewarded for their efforts

  • encourages and actively supports our employees’ challenges


Be the best SPICE!